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WordPress Support

We have you covered starting at $49 a month

Hello, My Name is Steve and I’m a professional WordPress Virtual Support Assistant offering WordPress website maintenance, SEO virtual assistance, technical virtual assistance, web design virtual assistance, AI chat bot service and website automation solutions.

My focus is always on getting you the best results out of your WordPress website with the best solutions available and I will help you complete your WordPress projects and tasks speedily and efficiently.

I understand the importance of effective and easy communication. My preferred method of communicating is by email and I will reply within 24 hours or less.


What I Do To Support You

WordPress Experts

I am here to assist you with your website needs.

Small Tasks

Get content updates, plugins installed, CSS style changes, and more.  Our WordPress experts can help.

WordPress Updates

I update your website to ensure it’s always up to date, secure, and running in top condition.

Plugin Updates

I make software updates to ensure optimal performance and security for your website.

Security Monitoring

Ongoing security scans are available. This protects your site from any potential issues.

Malware Removal

If malware is detected on your website, I will clean, repair and immediately remove it.